unfinished short

He came every evening at the same time.  Her balcony doors were always open.  Just as the sun dipped below the horizon, she would rise from her bed of satin sheets to pour herself a glass of cognac and turn on some music.  The music varied from Miles Davis to Mumford and Sons to My Chemical Romance… Always a different sound, whatever her mood.  Usually by the time she finished her glass of cognac He appeared in the room.

Tonight though, he was late.  She was vaguely worried about him, but knowing the power he possessed, she brushed off the feeling.  He would be fine.  For Christ sake, he was a vampire…She on the other hand was a human and needed to do the things that humans DO to keep their bodies going.  Good, warm clothing, etc…

She needed a hot shower.  She felt so very cold.  The only thing she ever wore to bed was a silk camisole and underwear even if the night was bitterly cold.  Walking into the bedroom she opened the large door to one of  the large armoires that held her wardrobe and selected the clothes that she would wear for the evening.  all of her clothes were black.  Not that she was one of those stereotypical “goth” types.  She liked expensive, tailored clothing, of the darker colors… black, grey, purple and deep red.  She just happened to like black the most…

so, this was a beginning  of a short story… working on more.. just had to get this out…

love as thou wilt



2 Responses to “unfinished short”

  1. I like it! Doesn’t sound like a sparkly vampire story. I really liked how you described her taste in clothes. Finish it!

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