Feeling Woefully inadequate…

I have been thinking today of possibly writing reviews of books/blogs/movies/tv shows… This would be a writing exercise for my personal developement.  Here lies the problem with these thoughts.

The book I am reading right now is “The Witching Hour” by Anne Rice.  Ms. Rice has been one of my favorite authors for years, since highschool when I discovered “Interview”.  Her writing is impeccable.  The beauty of her descriptions and depth to her characters is the best I have ever read.  How in the world could I pass “judgement” on something like that.  This feeling is probably my incredibly low self-esteem rearing his ugly head saying “you aren’t good enough.. how could you be, you aren’t published, you don’t even have a college degree..  These other authors are amazing and published and what could you possibly say about THEIR work.  What if they reviewed YOUR blog?” (I don’t like Mr. low self-esteem.  He pisses me off)

As for writing movie/tv reviews…

I LOATHE movie critics.  I loathe them even more if they have never acted/directed/produced or had involvement in the industry.  I do not respect their opinion and will often see the movie and love it in spite of what they say.  (Granted, I am not hard to please with movies.  I understand what goes into the making of one, and while I may have comments as to certain things that could have been done better, I will generally like any movie I see).   Movie critics are just a bit above pond scum in my mind.  Sorry, that is just how I feel.  I’m not saying they are bad people, just I don’t respect what they do… (now I am considering deleting this whole paragraph simply because I sound judgemental.  which I am being… and now I am blabbering… Shut UP Liz.)

As for reviewing blogs… That is now COMPLETELY not an option, because now I am thinking how I don’t want someone reviewing my blog.  Oh but Mr. low self-esteem would LOOOOVE a bad review.  He would eat it like cake.  He likes to eat things that I don’t eat often.  He knows I am not very fond of sweets, so he eats things up like he would eat cake, cookies, or candy.  He knows if he eats something up like bacon, or salt and vinegar chips, it would turn into good self-esteem and he can’t be having THAT.  *snap, snap, snap*  (did I just go a little ghetto? hmm..)

wow, this blog turned into something totally different from what I thought it would.  I’m starting to ramble and feel a bit A.D.D…

ok, not even going to try to get back to logically thinking about my original thought.  My train has jumped track and now I’m thinking about Unicorns projectile pooping Skittles as Mr. low self-esteem, trying to get him out of my head.

aaaaand on that note… Perhaps i will just post about the books I like.  perhaps I shall become the most positive reviewer/critic ever, because that is whats wrong with the world today.  Not enough love and positivity and too much negativity!

Yay!  I feel better thinking about making others happy!


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