The post that I did not think I would make

The news last night reached me as I was playing World of Warcraft and watching Star Wars and Firefly with my hubby.  Yes, you read that correctly.  On Sunday evening May 1rst 2011, I found out that Osama bin Ladan had been killed by reading it in Trade Chat in Orgrimmar.  (I forgive you if you have no clue what that is).  I immediately thought “oh right… stupid internet rumour.”  I alt-tabbed out and looked online for anything about it..  News about it was vague to say the least, so Brandon and i ended up going to bed in a while and turning on the news.

Needless to say, I felt this overwhelming sense of victory at first.  Knowing that this mass murdering sadistic bastard got his head nailed to the wall by one of america’s special forces, i was nearly leaping out of bed to dance around!  The man who caused so many, so much hurt over the last almost decade was no more.

In my mind i was taken back to the day when everything started.  When history is made before your eyes, you dont forget.  I remember where i was when the Challenger exploded… I remember where i was when Princess Diana died… i remember in lurid detail everything about September 11, 2001.  I remember sitting in my then boyfriend (now hubby’s) apartment with my bestie Todd and watching the towers smoke and crumble.  I remember Brandon coming back to the apartment from work to wait for the phone call from the National Guard to tell him they were activated.  Everytime the phone rang, my heart was in my throat.  I remember my mother was on the way to visit her mother in the Upstate, but instead came and sat at the apartment with us as we were all glued to the television.

I remember the hearing the screams.

I remember seeing the smoke and dust.

I remember the sick feeling i felt as every other piece of news filtered in about the Pentagon and the thwarted attack that crashed in Pennsylvania.

Last night i remembered all that.

Brandon and i watched the President’s speech holding hands.

I remembered then all the anxiety and horror of the year that he was in the middle east, fighting for this outcome.  The year that Osama bin Laden stole from  my husband and i.  *I know that many more have had MUCH more taken from them.  I do not make light of this.  Just my personal feelings about MY life ok?*

Politics aside, President Obama’s speech helped give closure to so many families that have lost loved ones over the past 10 years.

As i continued to watch the news i was inspired by the crowds in Washington and NYC, the beauty of everyone coming together and celebrating JUSTICE.  I was also saddened that it does take the death of a man to get that feeling of justice.  My feelings kept on in that vein, and i hate the loss of any life, because life is precious.  Yes i know how many lives he took and how horrible he was and yes i know that him being killed was necessary, but a life, no matter how horrible and sadistic is just that~ a life, and precious.

America and the rest of the world will rejoice, and i rejoice WITH them! But there is a tinge of sadness that the death of any human being can cause such joy.

We all need to realize that the war on terror is not over.  Osama bin Laden has been turned into a martyr to his followers now.  I do not doubt there will be more atrocities.  Violence and hate always lead to violence and hate.  It is a vicious cycle.

This IS a victory for justice though.  God bless all the Special forces that carried out this raid.  God bless all the troops that have been fighting for the past decade.  God bless all the families of the troops who have been the support system for their soldiers.

God bless all the people that have been lost in this fight.  You are still loved. You are missed. You are avenged.


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