I love cooking!

Cooking is a very zen activity for me.  I get in the kitchen and start chopping and creating and tasting…. I go to a different place…

Our day after Cinco de Mayo dinner was this…

Lime Garlic chicken with spanish rice.

now, let me explain to you this…. i am not the type of cook that poo poos boxed stuff.  I take what i buy in boxes and make it mine.  I add spices and veggies and create a whole new meal out of a box of spanish rice.  The Zatarains spanish rice is what i used here.  It does not require tweeking, it is epic all by itself.

The chicken is boneless skinless breast marinated in lime juice, olive oil, chopped fresh garlic, either fresh or dried thyme and cracked black pepper..

Cook the rice according to directions while preheating broiler…

Broil the chicken on one side for 8 minutes.. then use reserve marinade and brush top side, then flip and brush bottom side.  Broil for another 8 minutes…

While broiling chop up a couple of small tomatoes and mix those with your favorite salsa.. in this case it was the Walmart brand Black bean and corn salsa.  When the chicken is done top it with the salsa and serve… Easy and frickin Delicious!!

This also does well on the grill…  I have cooked extra of this chicken and done tacos with it a couple of days later… Make sure you marinate the chicken in at LEAST the lime juice overnight.. it gives it a great kick!

Let me know if you try it!

Love as thou wilt…



2 Responses to “I love cooking!”

  1. travellingrome Says:

    and I like eat;;))

    • mmm… me too!! i like to eat ENTIRELY too much in fact.. ah.. Roman food… now i need to get in my kitchen a duplicate the best salad i ever had… yum…

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