New beginnings are not always easy.

I have been thinking a LOT recently about new beginnings.

For those of you who don’t know, Brandon and I recently declared bankruptcy.  We are going to be leaving South Carolina for the cooler clime of New Hampshire.  The past couple of years have been incredibly hard and depressing and I feel as if I have been beaten with a 2×4 and left to bleed.  Obviously the decision to declare bankruptcy was a hard one, and carefully thought about.  When the economy took a nosedive, Brandon lost his company that he owned and was out of work for quite some time.  We had been doing alright financially up to that point, you know buying a house, a couple of new cars, a motorcycle  ya know the american dream.


Now we are going to be on this new journey.  Its scary, and exciting, and sad, and hard, and all those emotions that I don’t like to admit to feeling.

I have several people in my life that are going through incredible life changing things as well.  Bankruptcies, moving, break ups, weddings…I just want to tell them that new beginnings are hard.  No matter if they are because of good things or bad, they. are. hard.   you will survive.  I will survive.  We have these incredible lives to live, new people to meet, other lives to change.  It doesn’t matter how old or young you are.  We are in a scary place.  But this scary place is full of new and exciting opportunities!  Just think about how many people and places we will meet and see!

So just tell all the bad things and people in your life to suck it! Surround yourself with positivity, creativity, and good energy!  We will make it!

*click on the picture.. it is hilarious when its full size!*

because we all need to be this happy!


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