Of Walmart adventures

Soooo we all know by now, liz’s aversion to Walmart.  Yeah, but here’s the thing.. It’s cheaper than regular grocery stores and markets, i can get more stuff there than i can at Aldi  and it is FULL of crazy wacky adventure type things happening.  It ‘s fodder for my imagination, even when i complain about it, it gets my juices pumping… (no… DO not say it… ).


Today was no exception.  I wasnt in a really big hurry today, just lost in thoughts and walking around looking at the $8 Blu-Rays,  seeing if they had anything interesting as far as nail color is  concerned.. you know just browsing around.  I finally start to take care of business and go to pick up the cat food that i need.  I’m standing in the cat food isle and i get distracted by twitter. (@swinglizrd follow me! )  I’m reading a tweet by someone, and this very tall African American gentleman walks up to my cart.

“How you doin’ girl?”

*i smile because i am nice to everybody*

“I’m good how are you?”

“Why dont you let me take you out on a date?”

……………………………………….. My mouth proceeds to drop open.

“i’m sorry, What?”  *polite Liz is Polite*

“I said why dont you let me take you out to dinner”  He then smiles confidently- almsot daring me to say no.

“Well thank you, but i’m married”

“Girl you are too young to be married”

I show him my ring, and he is a little shocked i guess… He says “oh well” and proceeds to walk away without any further conversation.  I stood in that isle for a couple of minutes trying not to laugh my ass off.  all the while thinking “White girl still got it…..”  In situations like that, i always wish my wit would shine through, but all i ever get in my brain is polite answers.  I suppose its the sweet *ahem* little southern girl in me.

and again... Hubs... yup guys sorry, thats him...


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