On the reasons i love “Burn Notice”

*Warning: May include spoilers, i make no promises.*

Burn Notice.

This Dramady is a delightfully bright romp through the decadent streets of Miami and the life of burned spy Michael Westen and his friends and family.  Everything is warm and lush leaving you at the end of most episodes imagining the heat of the city and wanting to quench your thirst with a mojito.  I have fallen in love with most of the characters and find them all wonderful and charming with fantastic acting chops.  The only person I’ve not been completely impressed with, sadly, is Jeffrey Donovan.  I think he has grown and become a bit more believable, but he’s not as much of a natural talent like the others on the series.   I think he will only continue to grow and impress me more and more as the series goes on.  Any-who…. 

There are abundant reasons to love this show.  I have many popping into my head right now, but i am going to count down my top FIVE reasons I LOVE “Burn Notice”.

Reason #5 :

The clothes.  A well-tailored suit on a handsome man is like icing on cake.  I believe a man can be even more sexy in a suit than in any other state of dress.

The simplicity of all his suits is fantastic counterpoint to not only his “Trigger happy girlfriend Fiona” but  EVERYTHING ELSE IN MIAMI!  He always looks cool, collected, and confident in his very simple clothing.  So major props to the wardrobe people for everything, but most of all Michael Westen’s clothing.

Reason #4

The car.  Yes.  I have a CAR in my top 5 reasons I love this show.  But let me tell you boys and girls, this ain’t no simple car.  This car is sex on wheels.  This car grabs your eyes and says “hey, you over there… I’m the most badass car ever and you cannot resist me.”  The car in question is supposedly a 1973 Dodge Charger.  I have read in different places that it’s a 1971 or that is a “SE”… I don’t really care about all that.. I don’t know what most things about cars mean.. I just know this car is sexy, powerful, and FAST.


Reason #3

Explosions.  Fiery fiery explosions.  Gunfire.  Big Booms.  Fighting.  Action.

Yes.  I love action.  I am not the typical girly girl.  I do like  “girly” movies sometimes, BUT, give me a good action or sci-fi and I will pick one of those over a romance or comedy every time.

 I love watching a well choreographed fight on-screen.  I have incredible respect for stuntmen and women.  They take a huge beating and get up to walk it off.  The men and women of the stunt world have HUGE cojones.  Burn Notice delivers on the action front.  Not only that, they have Fiona who is possibly the most gorgeous weapons and incendiary expert around.  Her bass-assery knows no bounds.  Why a little boom, when a BIG boom would work just as well with better fireworks!  This stuff gets your heart pumping.

Reason #2

Bruce Campbell.  Hail to the king baby. 

Reason #1

Bruce Campbell.  Yes folks, The groovy chin is SO badass and SO incredible he takes up the top two places on my little list. 

Simply stated this man… IS THE MAN.

I know, not Burn Notice... i just couldn't resist.

Bruce plays the aging lush of a retired covert agent who always has an eye out for the rich older ladies of Miami.  His line delivery and presence on-screen is quintessential Bruce.  I cannot say enough about him.  He makes the show and He is…. The main reason I watch Burn Notice.  Thank you USA network for letting me have a weekly Bruce fix!

So there you have it. If you havent watched Burn Notice… Do it.  You will not regret it.

love as thou wilt babes…


*None of the pictures in this post are mine, they are from various sources. I do not claim them and will be glad to take them down at any time! No harm is meant!*


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