good days and bad days

We all have them..  Good and bad.  We have a life and have to live it, but sometimes those days are just bad. 

This whole week was a bad day for me.  I usually don’t like using my blog to air my “stuff” that goes on as far as my neurotic issues, BUT…. today is that day.

I’m not doing well emotionally recently.  Depression and panic attacks are crippling me, so like it or not, I have decided I have to go back on my medications.  Therein lies a whole other level of anxiety for me, due to the fact that I absolutely hate going to the doctor.  *Panic attacks are the reason i had to stop watching realistic medical dramas…thanks for the nightmares ER….*  I am a hypochondriac that doesn’t like going to get diagnosed.  Obviously sitting around in a panic is SO much better than actually finding out that NOTHING IS WRONG. *Also, is the devil.*  Anywho….

I have become recently slightly agoraphobic, and this is the MAIN reason I am going to be getting back on my meds.  When it takes every ounce of willpower to leave the house to go grocery shopping THAT is the time to take care of things again. 

So pray for me.  Think of me.  I hope that within the next few weeks I will be functional again.  I hope that whatever meds the doc prescribes me work well and don’t zonk me out or make me an emotionless zombie. 

Love as thou wilt,



2 Responses to “good days and bad days”

  1. Hang in there. I had to get back on Prozac recently due to anxiety. I was finding that I was snapping at my kids and Jessica for no reason. I didn’t feel like me. You’re a brave soul and I know how much courage it takes to get back on meds. You’re not alone.

    • Thanks dear! You know how hard it is after you go off meds and feel like you can handle everything, then BOOM.. here we go again! So it shall be an interesting week. I will keep everyone updated!

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