On badly dubbed foreign films.

subtitles? puhlease? ack!

Sorry folks.. I’m kind of being elitist here.
This evening I tried to watch the japanese “film”  ROBOGEISHA on Netflix instant queue.  I wasnt worried too much when I saw there were no audio and subtitle options… *We have a PS3 enabled Netflix account*  I wasnt worried because in the little picture, it looked like it was subtitled.  I watched the first 10 minutes of it.  It looks incredibly promising.. BUT….

I do NOT like watching foreign movies that are dubbed instead of subtitled.
I LOVE hearing the language of the particular country.  I love hearing japanese, Cantonese, mandarin, french, italian…  I love words period.
Putting badly recorded and “acted” voices over the original voices makes me ANGRY….. and you won’t like me when I’m angry…

soooo, now I am trying to find a movie on Netflix that is either subtitled or written and filmed in english.. I have a LOT of foreign movies in my queue though…

such is my elitist burden.

love as thou wilt,


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