Oh… HAI… sorry I’ve been gone!

So hi!  It’s been a while ya’ll.  No excuses for me not writing.  I just distracted by the holidays, then lazy with everything else.  I had an inspiring weekend as far as cooking was concerned and i made a few amazing things.  

  • Asiago Cheese bread.  WOW.
  • Veggi Marinara with linguine and garlic bread.  Zuchinni, mushrooms, green peppers and LOTS of tomatoes
  • Taco Meatloaf.  I kid you not.  I served it with a corn tomato salad and it was epic. 
  • Loaf of whole wheat bread. *my  bread machine got a workout!*
  • Balsamic marinade that was to die for on some steaks that hubby grilled.  I have been deemed by myself and my hubby… the… MISTRESS OF MARINADE!!!!! *cue rock guitar riff*.

The story behind the mistress of marinade title is this…. The past few weeks i have tweeked some really great vinegars, oils, and other elements to create some really great and tasty liquid gold. My hubby was hanging out with me in the kitchen whilst the asiago cheese bread was baking in my bread machine.  He gave the machine a little caress… then a hug.  Yes my dear friends… my husband HUGGED my bread machine.  Then he proceeds to tell me that i am the breadmaker’s APPRENTICE… I gave him a strategic finger and said… WELL.. I’m the MISTRESS OF MARINADE!! MUAH HAHAHAHAHA! BOW BEFORE ME!…. yup..

Well i am… and mine is an evil laugh.  

so my dear friends, all of that is to say that i am back.  Hopefully my depression doesn’t get the better of me and make me curl up into a ball again.  

Another thing.. I’m taking a class called “Write That Novel”.  I have come up with more ideas and now i have 3 trilogies in my brain, plus a couple of plays, PLUS a screenplay that i’m trying to write that was my hubby’s idea.  Hubby and i also bought this incredible camera for ourselves for Christmas, so i’m dying to learn how to take incredible pictures, AND…, well… Hubby bought me a gun for my birthday.  I am now over my irrational fear of shooting guns and begging him every weekend to go outside and shoot the hell out of some bottles and cans.    

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, and i like it.

Love as thou wilt,



2 Responses to “Oh… HAI… sorry I’ve been gone!”

  1. future husband of liz Says:

    hey there sexi, i think we should talk sometime. i saw your thumbnail and i think youre cute.


    belly rubs all around!
    ta ta

    • Thanks for the compliment. Alas, i am married already and head over heels in love with the man. I appreciate you taking time to comment though! Hope you keep reading!

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