Study of Zombie Gnomes

When my husband and i bought the house we are currently living in, the people that moved out left these amazing garden gnomes in the yard.  I am in love with these things.  They were always kinda ratty, but they have recently gotten incredibly, gorgeously ratty.  


This guy has got to be the leader.  He just seems like an alpha kinda guy.  With his ax and jaunty little smile, he knows he’s in charge. *oh yeah.. in charge of ripping your limbs off*


Here is my wise one.  He’s got his pipe ready to be lit, and all he wants is to stay in his little cabin and read by the fire.  *all the while thinking of eating your brains*


This one?  He’s the derpy cousin.  He got his arm ripped off along with its shiny lantern in a freak mining accident and has never been the same.  *he’ll just shamble along after the others hoping for some scraps of your intestines*

What do you guys think?  I’m thinking i wont be able to sleep… Cuz the zombie Gnomes will eat me.

Love as thou wilt,



2 Responses to “Study of Zombie Gnomes”

  1. I keep going back to the one with the pipe and think that he would be much more dapper than just to eat your brains. He’s got a pipe for frak sakes. I think he’d kill you… “maybe” make your body into a meatpie of some kind… but he would save the brains to stuff his pipe and smoke your brains.

    That’s what I think anyway. 🙂

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