Thoughts about my husband.

sexy geeky.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

My husband is my rock.  He gives me insane amounts of strength in times that I don’t know if i can make it.  He slices through the layers of my anxiety and depression and makes me realize my disease cannot own me.  He helps to kill my panic by making me laugh, and brings me out of my melancholy with a word or a glance.

My husband KNOWS me.  He knows what I’m going to say.   He can figure out what I am thinking almost before I think it.  The man even knew what hairstyle I was going to pick for my Pandaran toon on World of Warcraft.  He pays attention.

My husband puts up with me.  In all my crazy and mental crap, he loves me even if he thinks I am a raving lunatic.

My husband shares my geek.  I look forward to our debates about superheroes and our discussions about the latest insanely gory movie we just saw.

Today is my husband’s birthday, and i just wanted to make sure he realized how much I adore him.





I love you cuppycake



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