Dear everyone in the world…


While scrolling through Facebook i encountered this article.  If you don’t have time right now to read it, basically the writer, a mother with an autistic little girl was sending a very powerful thank you note to a man that was seated next to them on an airplane.  While obviously a busy business man, he took the time during the flight to be kind to this little girl.  He took the time to play with this little girl.  He even too the time to try to help comfort this little girl when she lost it toward the end of the flight.  Folks, let me tell you, and i think we ALL know this.


I encountered a situation where the person acted the opposite of what the the angelic man in the article did.  I wrote a blog post about it, but never published it… I just never took the time to edit or post it, so it’s not perfect, but here it is anyway…

~Patience, kindness and understanding are altogether lacking in this day and age. Recently, while traveling I sat directly across from a woman who had a mother with a toddler in her lap behind her.  The toddler was laughing and happy even through the airplane taking off, unfortunately she was, as most toddlers are, very wiggly.  The child accidentally pushed the woman’s chair a couple of times.

The woman became extremely (and in my opinion unnecessarily and overly) annoyed.  The toddler again tapped her seat and the woman pushed from her feet through to the seat back and the back hit the toddler in the head.  Of course loud crying ensued disturbing the rest of the cabin and making life miserable for the poor mother.  When the child calmed, I looked back and made silly faces at her, making her smile.

The angry  woman looked to be in her sixties, but I have no idea if she had any children or grandchildren of her own.  I simply  don’t understand why she couldn’t have turned around and calmly asked if they could try to keep the child from bumping her seat. A smile and a kind word go a lot further than an Immature temper tantrum.

Our world is so full of narcissism, impatience, immaturity, and hate.We all know this. If we are decent human beings we should strive to alleviate some of the negativity by simply letting things be.  As decent human beings we should offer a few more smiles everyday.  As decent human beings we should forgive a toddler for being as nature intended them.

The rest of the flight passed without further incident, but I found myself holding animosity in my heart towards this bitter woman.  I was angry that she put forth her negativity and injured *even slightly* a child.  How then do I deal with MY negative feelings about this encounter?

I realize i had no idea what kind of day that woman was having, to me though it doesn’t excuse any behavior like that.  I suppose i shall just accept it for the learning experience, reminding myself to be a bit kinder, a bit more gentle to people i encounter day to day.

Love as thou wilt,



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