Thoughts of the Day *possible rants ahead*

*Note: I am recently back in the retail sector, so i shall be ranting periodically about this.  Ignore me if you feel you must… *


1. I REALLY cannot believe they are going through with making a 50 Shades of Grey movie.  I’m astounded. Seriously. Everytime i see news about it, i just want to vomit.

2. Guys and gals… It is SO seriously rude to be on the phone when you are checking out at a store.  How is this still a thing? Cashiers cannot communicate with you about your purchase, then you come in later angry or want to return something because you didn’t know about a coupon or sale? The customer may always be right, but you ain’t always polite. 

3. READING SALE SIGNS AND THE FINE PRINT ON COUPONS IS SO IMPORTANT!  Know what you are purchasing BEFORE you get to the register. If you need to find a salesperson on the floor to ask your questions, DO IT. The cashiers are there to complete your purchases and having to call a manager up to void said purchases because you didn’t read signs and make sure you understood them is not a great way for ANYONE *you, cashier, manager, customers behind you in line* to spend their time.

4. I’m bragging here… I’ve lost 22 Lbs. Yup.. I have. I’m hoping for more.

5. I really want to take the jewelry making and crocheting classes at work.  

6. I love winter.  I will love spring just as much when it finally comes to town.

7. I miss all my SC peeps. Yeah, ya’ll know who you are 🙂

8. Fajitas are really good.  

9. I confess,  I love MTV’s Teen Wolf.  Go ahead and make fun *but dont give me any of the new season spoilers. i will kill you*

10. Oh yeah, and Vampire Diaries *AGAIN, NO NEW SEASON SPOILERS… i will hate you forever for ruining my trashy tv viewing*

11. I will never not love Paul Newman. He will always be amazing to me… This gif of him and James Dean is EVERYTHING…





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