Wicked cool update for ya’ll…

Quick update for everyone! Our jobs are going well, and we are enjoying the work and the people at our respective stores! We are finally starting to pay down the accumulated bills *i think we were at least two months behind on every bill but rent*. Thanks to everyone for your support during the crazy few months of unemployment. I signed on at Michael’s as a temporary employee, but I have a feeling they are going to keep me past the April let go. The framing manager is dying to cross train me so they have more than 4 custom framers and the customer experience manager told me “you arent allowed to go anywhere! we are keeping you here forever!” LOL i guess i must be doing something right 🙂 I’m hoping once everything settles down with the resets that are going on in the area, i will have some semblance of a normal schedule. *but retail is never normal.. amiright?*  Some days i open and Brandon closes, some days are opposite.  The past few fridays have actually been great with BOTH of us having the day off *although Brandon has had some personal training clients in the afternoon and evening, so i guess technically thats not a day off for him.*

My weight loss kind of plateaued for a bit, but a couple of days ago i broke through and i weigh less now than i have in like 3 or 4 years… I’m thinking i’m halfway to my uppermost goal weight which is what i weighed when i got married, so that is about 28 more pounds to go.  I had to buy new jeans when i started work and those are now starting to get a bit baggy… IN A FREAKING MONTH..


So, anyway.  Thanks for everything everybody.  Those who messaged me with words of love and comfort, and those who supported in different and most welcome ways… Thank. You.


Love as thou wilt,


PS : My accent is becoming quite strange with a crazy southern twang on some words and i’m exhibiting a New England tendency on other words… And hoo boy, when i talk to someone with that southern twang, they love it the next time i’m at work, because i slide into old habits.. LOL


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