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Confession time…

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Ok y’all… (I’m allowed.. I’m a southern gal)

I have a confession…  For you foodies and health nuts, hold onto your hats and don’t be a hater…

All my life, the ONLY way i have ever really enjoyed veggies is with ranch dressing slathered on them… Yeah, I’m that kid/gal/woman…. I get disapproving stares and nicknames like “The Condiment Queen”.  I have also almost got into fisticuffs with a Subway owner when I asked for extra mayo… that is another story entirely.

well my dear readers, I actually ate a veggie the other night WITHOUT ranch dressing.  I think my husband nearly had a heart attack.  We concocted a meal that required NO ranch and only a dollop of sour cream. (It starts with a spoon and a dollop.. a dollop.. a dollop.. of Daisy…)  The menu was as follows :

  • steaks- incredibly seasoned and grilled  by my dear hubby.. My in home grill master.
  • Twice baked “scalloped” potatoes. (This was the dollop of sour cream.. really.. what is a potato without sour cream?)
  • Roasted Asparagus

The roasted asparagus was gone immediately.  It smelled so incredible while cooking and it was SO very easy.  Hubby and i are now sold on the properties of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.  Even with a pinch of this expensive (well to me.. 13 dollars for a cheese was definitely a splurge) cheese this asparagus dish was transformed into heaven.  I have no pics mainly because the stuff got eaten so quickly, and i have crappy cameras and i am SO very ashamed of my picture-taking ability, BUT.. here is what I did to it… If you are bored by veggies, THIS is a recipe to try.


  • Asparagus (duh)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Lemon
  • Olive oil
  • Parmigiano Reggiano cheese (do NOT skimp on this.. regular Parmesan would not have enough flavor)

Preheat your oven to 400.

Place asparagus on a pan or baking sheet then drizzle with olive oil.  Salt and pepper to your taste.  We love fresh ground salt and pepper so I’m not sure the table kind would do well.  To each his own though.

Cook for 15-20 minutes depending on how you like your asparagus.

Take that tasty green heaven out of the oven and squeeze a bit of lemon juice all over.  Grate a bit of that fancy cheese over it and DONE.. Serve it up!

I promise you, if you love asparagus you NEED to eat it this way… IN.CRED.IBLE.

I think i am going to try to roast some green beans this way.  Anyone else have any suggestions on other veggies that might be good prepared this way?

love as thou wilt,



On recent kitchen discoveries.

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1.  Did some greek chicken the other night.  I decided to chop a few tomatoes and mix in some balsamic vinegar and some herbs, then serve it on top of the chicken.  It was INCREDIBLE.  Not only was it easy and delicious, it also was a very pretty addition to the plate.  I will get pics next time.  I’m so sad tomato season is coming to a close.

2.  Made mashed potatoes last night, and I make EPIC mashed potatoes.  This time however, I made them even more epic by sprinkling my favorite spice…. SUMAC on top of them.. Again, super easy tasty and pretty addition!  I might try that when making garlicky mashers.  YUM.

love as thou wilt,

Quick meal

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If you have a love of Middle Eastern food and more leftovers than you can deal with… Here is a good easy and quick leftover meal.

  • Pita- either pocket or regular
  • Hummus- I used Sabra roasted garlic
  • greek or balsamic chicken
  • salad greens or any kind of lettuce you love
  • dressing- I used greek, but my fattoush dressing would have been fantastic

Throw all of that together wrapped or in a pita pocket and it is WONDERFUL..  Soothes the savage emotions!

love as thou wilt,


My best fattoush!

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Well folks, as promised here is the recipe i have discovered and tweaked to our personal tastes.  I always say, however, that you should make recipes work for YOU! *Note: This salad is enough for either 2 main dish salads or 2 side salads with leftovers for the next day*

To start off with, preheat the oven to 450 degrees. While the oven is heating take your pita ,I use Toufayan Bakeries whole wheat pita, and cut one into bite size pieces.  If it is the pocket kind separate the halves so you have pretty thin slices of pita.  Put the pieces in the oven for 5-10 minutes until they are to your desired crispness!

For the dressing:

  • A few cloves of garlic… from 1-3 depending on your level of garlic love.
  • Lemon juice. I used about a cup of it. The original recipe called for less… again depends on your level of lemon love!
  • Olive oil to your taste, the less you use, the lighter in fat content the dressing will be.
  • I used 2 teaspoons of sumac
  • and 1 teaspoon of cumin
  • a splash of water

I chopped the garlic squished it up with some of the lemon juice and a bit of salt in my mortar and pestle.  Threw everything else together and gave it a swish with a whisk.  YUM

For the actual salad:

  • Romaine lettuce, chopped or ripped into bite sized pieces
  • Cucumber cubed
  • about a fourth of a cup of fresh chopped flat leaf parsley
  • fresh mint chopped to your taste
  • chopped tomatoes.  I use campari.  they are always super sweet and perfectly ripe.

Toss all the veggies together with the dressing.  DO NOT add the pita chips until you are ready to serve.  They get all soggy and gross when they sit in the dressing.  I also always end up adding feta cheese.  What is salad without some good cheese?

The sandwich is my mother’s chicken salad on an onion roll.  The fattoush was an amazing compliment to the creamy sandwich.  I am not allowed to share mom’s recipe.. It is her secret!

Well there ya go..  What would you do differently?  Let me know if you make it!

love as thou wilt,


MMMM… Beef!!

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*Forgive the pictures.. i need a new camera*

Alrighty veg-heads.. all you folks that don’t eat meat… LEAVE NOW…

Dinner tonight turned out yummy!

I had some leftover roast beef (a chuck roast to be specific) and made *french* dips out of it.

Like Buttah yo... BUTTAH

To make the roast, google it… seriously… Personally I cooked mine in the crock pot this time.

Heat up some olive oil in a big cast iron skillet and sear the roast on all sides… Then place in the crock pot for 7-8 hours with Beef broth, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce… yes.. LOADED with sodium.. I LOVE sodium.

Have that meal with some nice veggies put in the pot with the meat… potatoes and carrots.. green beans.. whatever you like with roast.

a couple of nights later………………………………………

Slice the leftover roast as thin as you can by hand… Chunky but not super thick… Decide on Au jus sauce… I use a pre made au jus that I have to dilute with water… look at your local grocery store or google a recipe for something that you think you might like… it’s all about what you love flavor wise… so put the beef in the pot with the au jus and simmer for a while…


Preheat the oven to 450.  If you want the sammy’s on garlic bread… do it… whatever you like… do it… once oven is preheated, put the bread in and toast for a bit.. until it is just brown around the edges… probably about 10 min.

While the bread is toasting, put together the marinated salad.  I use cucumber, marinated artichoke hearts and tomatoes with my favorite italian dressing.  just slice, mix and chill… easy as that!

When the bread is done toasting, put cheese and meat.. again.. cheese, your choice, i used provolone (omg yum), and put back in the oven for a few minutes.. until the cheese is melted…

serve everything up and enjoy… such an easy way to use leftover meat!  a very “comfort food” meal… but not THAT unhealthy.. just the sodium content… whatever people… seriously.. enjoy your food!

love as thou wilt!


I love cooking!

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Cooking is a very zen activity for me.  I get in the kitchen and start chopping and creating and tasting…. I go to a different place…

Our day after Cinco de Mayo dinner was this…

Lime Garlic chicken with spanish rice.

now, let me explain to you this…. i am not the type of cook that poo poos boxed stuff.  I take what i buy in boxes and make it mine.  I add spices and veggies and create a whole new meal out of a box of spanish rice.  The Zatarains spanish rice is what i used here.  It does not require tweeking, it is epic all by itself.

The chicken is boneless skinless breast marinated in lime juice, olive oil, chopped fresh garlic, either fresh or dried thyme and cracked black pepper..

Cook the rice according to directions while preheating broiler…

Broil the chicken on one side for 8 minutes.. then use reserve marinade and brush top side, then flip and brush bottom side.  Broil for another 8 minutes…

While broiling chop up a couple of small tomatoes and mix those with your favorite salsa.. in this case it was the Walmart brand Black bean and corn salsa.  When the chicken is done top it with the salsa and serve… Easy and frickin Delicious!!

This also does well on the grill…  I have cooked extra of this chicken and done tacos with it a couple of days later… Make sure you marinate the chicken in at LEAST the lime juice overnight.. it gives it a great kick!

Let me know if you try it!

Love as thou wilt…