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Dear everyone in the world…

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While scrolling through Facebook i encountered this article.  If you don’t have time right now to read it, basically the writer, a mother with an autistic little girl was sending a very powerful thank you note to a man that was seated next to them on an airplane.  While obviously a busy business man, he took the time during the flight to be kind to this little girl.  He took the time to play with this little girl.  He even too the time to try to help comfort this little girl when she lost it toward the end of the flight.  Folks, let me tell you, and i think we ALL know this.


I encountered a situation where the person acted the opposite of what the the angelic man in the article did.  I wrote a blog post about it, but never published it… I just never took the time to edit or post it, so it’s not perfect, but here it is anyway…

~Patience, kindness and understanding are altogether lacking in this day and age. Recently, while traveling I sat directly across from a woman who had a mother with a toddler in her lap behind her.  The toddler was laughing and happy even through the airplane taking off, unfortunately she was, as most toddlers are, very wiggly.  The child accidentally pushed the woman’s chair a couple of times.

The woman became extremely (and in my opinion unnecessarily and overly) annoyed.  The toddler again tapped her seat and the woman pushed from her feet through to the seat back and the back hit the toddler in the head.  Of course loud crying ensued disturbing the rest of the cabin and making life miserable for the poor mother.  When the child calmed, I looked back and made silly faces at her, making her smile.

The angry  woman looked to be in her sixties, but I have no idea if she had any children or grandchildren of her own.  I simply  don’t understand why she couldn’t have turned around and calmly asked if they could try to keep the child from bumping her seat. A smile and a kind word go a lot further than an Immature temper tantrum.

Our world is so full of narcissism, impatience, immaturity, and hate.We all know this. If we are decent human beings we should strive to alleviate some of the negativity by simply letting things be.  As decent human beings we should offer a few more smiles everyday.  As decent human beings we should forgive a toddler for being as nature intended them.

The rest of the flight passed without further incident, but I found myself holding animosity in my heart towards this bitter woman.  I was angry that she put forth her negativity and injured *even slightly* a child.  How then do I deal with MY negative feelings about this encounter?

I realize i had no idea what kind of day that woman was having, to me though it doesn’t excuse any behavior like that.  I suppose i shall just accept it for the learning experience, reminding myself to be a bit kinder, a bit more gentle to people i encounter day to day.

Love as thou wilt,



Ahhh…. Abdominal pain.

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Sooooo… What a week so far…

It started on Sunday afternoon.  I ate lunch, a yummy chicken gyro type flatbread.  It had a balsamic chicken, lettuce, cucumber, a bit of garlic aoli and a drizzle of fattoush dressing.  YumO.

A bit after that I started feeling some, what I thought, was indigestion.  I thought it was just a pretty bad case of it and took some acid reducer and tried to just drink water.  The pain continued and got worse over the course of the night and by Monday morning I figured I should try to go to the Dr.  So that was *Count voice* “ONE… ONE SLEEPLESS NIGHT, ah ah… “.  There wasnt an appointment until the next day, so I decided to wait rather than go to “Doc in the Box”.  I figured if things got bad I would head to the ER or call the ambulance.  All day Monday all I had to “eat” was a glass of V8 Fruit Fusion *yum*, and a glass of Chocolate Lactaid *yum again*.  I had so much pressure and bloating in my abdomen with waves of gnawing pain I did NOT want to put anything else in there.  So I just tried to stay hydrated.  The pain came and went and my belly was not feeling good at all.

*Here is where I tell you a bit more about my anxieties.  As I have mentioned before, I am a hypochondriac.  Hypochondriac+internet+time along= TOO much self diagnosis.  I decided that it was probably had appendicitis and I was going to end up the next day having to go immediately to the hospital for emergency surgery.  Point number 2 in my crazy,  I have a phobia of hospitals and especially me possibly having to submit to treatment in said hospitals.  I have so far in my life never had any type of surgery or even had to stay overnight in a hospital.  I’m lucky I know, and when I eventually get prego, i will be in therapy getting through THAT phobia.*

ANYWHO, back to Monday.

All day Monday I am trying to get things ready to go on our vacation for which we were supposed to leave on Thursday (we postponed…).  Trying to do laundry get some cleaning done and all with pretty damn bad abdominal pain.  I finally give up and just sit on my ass and watch tv…   try to go to bed, but… very little sleep occurs *cue the Count*  TWO… TWO sleepless nights… AHAHAHA! (The Count might die soon.. just sayin…)

I “wake up” on Tuesday morning and take care of pups and  feeling less pain and just a lot of discomfort and bloating.  The pain surfaces every so often as painful hunger pangs and my anxiety is still pretty high.  I’ve been feeling a bit of nausea but no vomiting.  Sooo.. My mom comes and picks me up for my appointment.  I was so tired by this point I didn’t trust myself to drive.

Pretty standard scene in the office.  The Dr. pokes around my belly, asks me the questions and I’m doing my best to explain how I’m feeling… “Ok Liz.. Its one of 2 things… an ulcer or Gallstones”…. The dreaded G word.  Hypochondriacs know in advance the options that will probably be offered them.  Here is the thing, gallstones are not like kidney stones.. you do not pass gallstones. You have to have…………………………………………………………………………… Surgery.

Of course the freaking out immediately starts in my head… The dr proceeds to want to schedule an Ultrasound for the next day… Ok never had one.. whatever… ack…

*BANG* (sorry just shot The Count)  Cue ANOTHER sleepless night.

Wed. Morning 10am… Ultrasound place.

Yeah that is one uncomfortable experience.  When you have pressure already in your belly area, and the tech is pressing really hard over everything including your ribs (sore today still) it is not a fun time.

So throughout all that my brain has gone from appendicitis to gallstones and of course the dreaded cancer idea popped into my traitorous brain.  I head home to await the results of the test, as the doc said she would put a rush on them. *love my doc BTW*

A few hours later and I’m making my tiny bland lunch (oh yeah, by this time I have had VERY little to eat… ) Doc calls and says “NO GALLSTONES!” (read NO SURGERY!).  So she tells me to take the Prilosec twice a day and be careful with my eating… No caffeine *not too hard for me* , No Alcohol *yeah… a BIT harder*… No spicy or over acidic… blah blah blah….

By this time i am exhausted and still in discomfort.  I call hubby and we cancel the trip until after my check up in 2 weeks.  I feel horrible about not going, but feeling so incredibly tired, ill, and emotionally drained.  Luckily we were planning on driving so no airline tickets lost.

So,  If anyone knows any good recipes or has any tips on living with an ulcer, please let me know!  I’m scouring the interwebz and not finding much help with specific ideas and recipes.  It’s all just what to avoid.. UGH!

So thanks to all who were thinking of me and praying for me.

Love as thou wilt,


Confession time…

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Ok y’all… (I’m allowed.. I’m a southern gal)

I have a confession…  For you foodies and health nuts, hold onto your hats and don’t be a hater…

All my life, the ONLY way i have ever really enjoyed veggies is with ranch dressing slathered on them… Yeah, I’m that kid/gal/woman…. I get disapproving stares and nicknames like “The Condiment Queen”.  I have also almost got into fisticuffs with a Subway owner when I asked for extra mayo… that is another story entirely.

well my dear readers, I actually ate a veggie the other night WITHOUT ranch dressing.  I think my husband nearly had a heart attack.  We concocted a meal that required NO ranch and only a dollop of sour cream. (It starts with a spoon and a dollop.. a dollop.. a dollop.. of Daisy…)  The menu was as follows :

  • steaks- incredibly seasoned and grilled  by my dear hubby.. My in home grill master.
  • Twice baked “scalloped” potatoes. (This was the dollop of sour cream.. really.. what is a potato without sour cream?)
  • Roasted Asparagus

The roasted asparagus was gone immediately.  It smelled so incredible while cooking and it was SO very easy.  Hubby and i are now sold on the properties of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.  Even with a pinch of this expensive (well to me.. 13 dollars for a cheese was definitely a splurge) cheese this asparagus dish was transformed into heaven.  I have no pics mainly because the stuff got eaten so quickly, and i have crappy cameras and i am SO very ashamed of my picture-taking ability, BUT.. here is what I did to it… If you are bored by veggies, THIS is a recipe to try.


  • Asparagus (duh)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Lemon
  • Olive oil
  • Parmigiano Reggiano cheese (do NOT skimp on this.. regular Parmesan would not have enough flavor)

Preheat your oven to 400.

Place asparagus on a pan or baking sheet then drizzle with olive oil.  Salt and pepper to your taste.  We love fresh ground salt and pepper so I’m not sure the table kind would do well.  To each his own though.

Cook for 15-20 minutes depending on how you like your asparagus.

Take that tasty green heaven out of the oven and squeeze a bit of lemon juice all over.  Grate a bit of that fancy cheese over it and DONE.. Serve it up!

I promise you, if you love asparagus you NEED to eat it this way… IN.CRED.IBLE.

I think i am going to try to roast some green beans this way.  Anyone else have any suggestions on other veggies that might be good prepared this way?

love as thou wilt,


My Husband… The Ass.

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I love my husband.  He is sweet, funny, sexy as hell, and wonderful… BUT….

This morning as i said earlier on Twitter (@swinglizrd) I woke up with the song “Jenny From the Block” in my head.  I don’t know why or how this song intruded into my brain, I just know I needed to get it OUT.  Hubs was working on homework, so I suffered in silence for a while.  I tried to surf the interwebz to distract my traitor brain, to no avail.

Finally I say….

“ugh.. damn song stuck in my head.”

Hubs: “what song is that?”

me: “Jenny From the Block”

He laughs and continues to do what i THINK is homework…

a couple of minutes later I hear……… DUBSTEP REMIX OF “JENNY FROM THE BLOCK”.


We go on with our day, with him working on stuff and me hitting the market… a bit ago he decides to declare war by singing it to me from the other room… yeah. Ass.

My motto is “Love as thou wilt”, but hubby is PUSHING IT.


On badly dubbed foreign films.

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subtitles? puhlease? ack!

Sorry folks.. I’m kind of being elitist here.
This evening I tried to watch the japanese “film”  ROBOGEISHA on Netflix instant queue.  I wasnt worried too much when I saw there were no audio and subtitle options… *We have a PS3 enabled Netflix account*  I wasnt worried because in the little picture, it looked like it was subtitled.  I watched the first 10 minutes of it.  It looks incredibly promising.. BUT….

I do NOT like watching foreign movies that are dubbed instead of subtitled.
I LOVE hearing the language of the particular country.  I love hearing japanese, Cantonese, mandarin, french, italian…  I love words period.
Putting badly recorded and “acted” voices over the original voices makes me ANGRY….. and you won’t like me when I’m angry…

soooo, now I am trying to find a movie on Netflix that is either subtitled or written and filmed in english.. I have a LOT of foreign movies in my queue though…

such is my elitist burden.

love as thou wilt,

good days and bad days

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We all have them..  Good and bad.  We have a life and have to live it, but sometimes those days are just bad. 

This whole week was a bad day for me.  I usually don’t like using my blog to air my “stuff” that goes on as far as my neurotic issues, BUT…. today is that day.

I’m not doing well emotionally recently.  Depression and panic attacks are crippling me, so like it or not, I have decided I have to go back on my medications.  Therein lies a whole other level of anxiety for me, due to the fact that I absolutely hate going to the doctor.  *Panic attacks are the reason i had to stop watching realistic medical dramas…thanks for the nightmares ER….*  I am a hypochondriac that doesn’t like going to get diagnosed.  Obviously sitting around in a panic is SO much better than actually finding out that NOTHING IS WRONG. *Also, is the devil.*  Anywho….

I have become recently slightly agoraphobic, and this is the MAIN reason I am going to be getting back on my meds.  When it takes every ounce of willpower to leave the house to go grocery shopping THAT is the time to take care of things again. 

So pray for me.  Think of me.  I hope that within the next few weeks I will be functional again.  I hope that whatever meds the doc prescribes me work well and don’t zonk me out or make me an emotionless zombie. 

Love as thou wilt,


Hatred and Faith

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This past week has been full of things that have made me angry and sad.  There have been some things that made me sick to my stomach, and things that had me pacing around the house trying to control the rage that wanted to bubble out of me.  I have wanted to scream at people I don’t even know.

What started it all was the death of Jackass and Viva La Bam star Ryan Dunn.  I read the article when I woke up that morning and i was sad.  I felt that the world had lost a very funny and interesting person.  I am always grieved by death.  We all should be.  I was moved to comment on the article and simply stated “How sad!  RIP Ryan.”  Over the course of that day my comment was flooded with replies to the tune of “SAD?  He was a drunk!”  and “Good riddance!”…  I responded to all the commenters by saying that “yes, it is sad when any person dies.  We all make our mistakes and live with the consequences.  He was no different from any of us.”  (paraphrased, but you get the point.)  Some commenters were truly saddened and some were putting hate all over that message board.  This incident was the first that made me feel nauseous.

A few days later, we get the news that New York has legalized gay marriage!  What a win! I felt so happy for all my LGBT friends in NY!   But of course,  the bashing and hate spewing began.  *I really need to NOT read comments on articles.  It only makes me doubt humanity…*  Even with all the disgusting hatred lurking around the internet, it didn’t dampen the spirits of the people who had won a bit more equality.

Finally a couple of days ago, an exchange happened on Facebook that had me ill and shaking with rage.   A friend of mine posted a quote that they thought was funny.  One of their family members decided it was a good time to blast my friend and their spouse for the supposed “non christian” way they lived.  the family member said the spouse was blasphemous,  and again I saw hate spewing forth onto the internet.  I defended my friend to the best of my ability as did other friends of theirs.

Now, let me share with you my thoughts about all of this.

I am a Christian.  I believe in God.  I believe in Jesus Christ.

I believe in Love.

I believe that love is the most important tenet of being a christian.  I think that christians that use hatred, such as Westboro Baptist Church, are sickening.  They make a mockery of the very faith they proclaim to follow.  There are also the lower key people who put that hatred into “concern” for your spiritual well-being.  They try to fit you and your faith into the little box THEY feel is the right way.  That to me is not love.  It is very hard for me to write this and think logically right now.  I want to lump all the fundamentalist right-wing conservatives into their little box and fling them into the ocean.. But that is not love.

We all have the right to believe what we want to believe.  I know a lot of the people I grew up with and went to school with would debate with me all day long about my support of my LGBT friends.  A lot of people would tell me that these people are going to hell.

No, they are not.  I appreciate what they believe, but I believe differently.

Folks, let me tell you, God is entirely too big for the box we put him in.  With all the denominations believing THEIR way of faith is correct, with all the separate religions believing THEIR way of faith is correct,  we cannot possibly know.  Now is the point where, the peanut gallery directs me to scripture.  Trust me.  I’ve read it.  Trust me when I say, I’ve done my homework.  Everything I have learned in my life has led me to this point.

I will not be a BLIND follower.

I will put that scripture up to studies of history, science, archeology and the like to see how the scripture holds.

The internet is a wonderful thing.  Research is made easier, we can connect all across the globe with friends, family and even complete strangers.  I love the internet.  But as i demonstrated earlier, the internet has made it easier to put hatred out there.  We sit here anonymous behind our keyboards, so very willing to blast our belief system into other people’s homes.  This is a double-edged sword though.  We also get inundated with other people’s belief systems.  The internet is a tool though.  We must use it wisely.

If there are comments to be made on this blog, please feel free.  I will exercise my right of the delete button if things get out of hand.  I want people to debate, I want minds to be open.  I want us to examine why we believe what we believe.  I just ask that you keep things civil.  Respect and love each other, even if we do not agree.

Love as thou wilt my friends,